Wounds of a Friend

“Faithful are the wounds of a friend; profuse are the kisses of an enemy.” – Proverbs 27:6

I was asked over this past Lent to write a poetic reflection on the five wounds of Christ for a Maundy Thursday service at our church. Generally the “five wounds” refer to the pierced hands, feet, and side of Jesus, which have been used throughout church history as the focus of a prayer meditation.

This is a five-part poem: one for each wound. And, since I contend that the crown of thorns should constitute a sixth wound, each part ends with a variation of the same coda, focused on the crown, which I envision as both a symbol of the Eucharist and of the Church.

Last note: I decided against placing images throughout the post, so as not to interfere too much with the imagery your mind will naturally make as you read. I know that’s a major blog faux pas (especially on a such a long piece), but feel free to take your time with it. Read it in installments. It’s meant to be a meditation.
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