Let’s begin at the end.

In the final chapter of Skye Jethani’s newest book, IMMEASURABLE, the author recounts a story of himself as a young, twenty-six-year old seminarian. One day, during his chaplain rounds in a hospital, he met Bill, a fifty-four-year-old pastor. Bill had multiple upper body fractures including in his face which now featured a wired jaw. The serious injuries, however, weren’t from the pastor being hurt on the mission field or attempting to crowd surf during the latest Switchfoot concert or rescuing some poor old lady’s purse from a mugger. They were a result of solace. Solace sought from the mounting pressures, internal and external expectations, and steady stresses of pastoral ministry. Solace found in a misuse of alcohol that led to a severe fall that he couldn’t even remember and that was contextualized in the loss of his ministry, marriage, and children.


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