Transformation, Part 1 – The Role of The Mind

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I’ve recently read two books that have impacted my growing understanding of spiritual transformation.  Each book approaches the question of how a person experiences personal change (transformation) from a different perspective.  One looks at transformation from a theological and mind-based approach.  The second book looks at change from a spirituality and heart-based approach.  The first book is Effective Biblical Counseling by Larry Crabb (1977).   The second is Surrender to Love by David Benner (2015, expanded edition).

Over the past several months my wife Julie and I gave a series of teachings at our church titled “The Heart at Rest.”  In this series we looked at some of what Scripture has to say about the change process for our hearts.  Much of the content of these teachings was influenced by both Crabb’s and Benner’s thoughts.  I wanted to put some of the main thoughts in these books – and a few of my own – onto paper, if only for my own sake.  In order to best accomplish this, I’m writing a 3 part blog series on transformation.  The first will explore the basic concept of transformation and then look at Crabb’s ideas.  The second will engage Benner’s thoughts.  The third will attempt to bring them together and add some further personal reflections.

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