The Collective reserves the right to disagree with or philosophically retract anything written on the site at any time, even while it is being written. Posts do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of other contributors, the organizations with which they may be associated, or even the contributors themselves.

 FEBmarAPR 2016 Contributors

A.A. Kerbouchard is a lover of history, process, music, theology and Bernie Sanders.   A husband and father of teenagers, he hopes to one day thru-hike the AT, paint a painting he actually likes, and visit southern Spain.  A.A. recommends the documentary The Act Of Killing, the Slate Culture Gabfest podcast, and The Regular Show on Cartoon Network.

Gene McCumber lives in Lebanon, PA with his wife, two sons and two daughters.  By weekday, he is a mild-mannered PC technician; by weekend, he is a rockin’ sound engineer / slide clicker.  He recommends you read The School of Obedience, watch Gabriel, and act on Mark 9:24.

GrAndy – A tag team between two fellow co-workers in the IT field (Greg Townley+Andy Smith). Together, they have two wives, three kids, a love of cars, a movie podcast, and snarky remarks overflowing.

Jacob Ryan Feld is the director of an after-school Youth Center for middle and high school students in Lebanon, PA. He loves his wife, a good book, and good beer (in that order). He urges you read anyeverything by David Mitchell,  suggests you listen to the Ask Science Mike podcast (with a grain of salt), and encourages you to consider Colossians 1.

Justin Ryan Boyer oversees operation here at TheoCult. He is a husband, father, priest, strummer of guitar, and recovering-cynic. When he’s not mourning, he’s dancing. Jesus got a hold of him through the movie Instinct in college 16 years ago. Justin recommends you experience Bushes of Love, read the book Proper Confidence, listen to The Apache Relay, and meditate on James 1:22-25.

Joy Neal is a freelance editor who’s uncomfortable with the label writer but always very comfortable writing.  She and her husband live and work in Indonesia but are currently furloughing/freezing in Pennsylvania. 

Loyal Phillip Hall likes bugs. Alot.


The Reserves

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    • We have had guest posts from other’s who are not blanched and have crossed the threshold into their 40s. If you know of anyone that you think would fit well as far as writing style, send them our way (they can even be white).

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