Episode 100 (already!?)

Collaborators: Jay McCumber & Olivia Naum

01 – Quivia Answers
——- Star Wars: A New Hope
———- Wardrobe Issue
———- Breaking a Blood Vessel
——- Weird Church History
———- John Wesley’s Therapy
———- Church Politics Can Get Ugly

02 – Addendum
——- Blood and Sacrifice (with Josh Bytwerk)
——- Radio Lab Blood episode found HERE

03 – Parable
——- Mad Men Threesome (just to be clear: that’s three people having sex together)
———- Who/what do we invite into our relationships thinking it will cultivate intimacy when in reality it hinders it?

Music this Episode
——- Momcat – BUY HERE
——- Pacific Air – BUY HERE
——- Chris Schlarb (from Long Beach, CA not Brooklyn, NY) – BUY HERE
——- Aaron Strumpel – BUY HERE


Stereo Photo Credit: faceless ekone via Compfight cc


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