Wearing God

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Have you ever had a moment where you read something or met someone and just clicked?  Somewhere in a deep place of the heart or mind?  A deep connection.  Like, I get this. Or this gets me?

I’ve been lucky enough to have those experiences sprinkled into my life – meeting a close friend for the first time, randomly stumbling upon a church that would become my home for the next 7 years, and more often, losing (or finding) myself in a good-for-the-soul book.  I love to read.  I pretty much devour books, non-fiction, much to my husband’s chagrin.  I’ve had those moments with authors.  Henri Nouwen has time and time again captured my heart. And recently Walter Brueggeman infiltrated my mind. (In the best way possible!)

I didn’t expect that to happen when I picked up Wearing God.  I wasn’t super impressed or interested by the title.  But every chapter of this book captured my heart and mind in deep and mysterious ways.  It is simple and profound.  It’s left me undone and built up.  Inspired and content. It deepened my experience of God’s with-ness and reinvigorated in me a love for the Scriptures.  It totally got me.

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