Fragments in Flow

by Anthony Allen Beatty

I keep my eyes fixed on the sun lying here alone back to the ground the significance of my mind is blown to the Sheer thought of freedom trapped inside my head like its a purgatory with my words committing suicide off my tongue like its my last story hoping to God my parents are still somewhat in love because their relationship defines my experiments with drugs I began to experience touch in color form due to the influence of false love to this day I still don’t have the heart to pick up the phone with my dad calls will he recognize his son when he hears my voice

don’t know what I’m running from but I’m running still I used to smoke a pack a day but then the thought of coughing up all the tar freeing  the surge of energy curve like a lumbar wondering how long is too far feeling like I got family that a murder for me and I still conversate with acquaintances but it’s nothing real
even though they doubt that my heart still beats to them it’s like a static radio stationed in at deaf tove and nothing better to say to you

standding there yelling to the top of my lungs   I’m never going to be able to tell you when this got old to me hands tied behind my back with a faint loss of feeling In my palms
I began to have a  smorgasbord of pornographic ille thoughts that a lot of the feeling comes after the shock praise me I’d rather you not
God loves me
what if he does
what does it mean
to waste away at another new dream society tells us about up lifting our self-esteem but all we can do is hide in the corner and hope to scream
everybodys wondering about life and no one is willing to learn
thinking that money is the key
and thee only thing left to earn
treating respect honor and loyalty like toiletries but I guess to each there own

People love you when you’re on their mind that is loves currency now I lay here steadly pondering the night sky for the Sun was left to rest and my thoughts left with the moon to digest

One thought on “Fragments in Flow

  1. “don’t know what I’m running from but I’m running” This really hit me. This was the conversation I had with God when I first chose to follow Him:

    “Vanessa, why are you running?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “Why don’t you stop?”

    And I did. I walked home that night from my usual run and nothing was the same after that. Thanks for reminding me of this part of my story!

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