What We Really Need

Do you remember the first time God spoke to you? Do you remember what it sounded like?

There was a time, when you were younger, that your heart and mind were filled with wonder and you simply believed. It was not difficult to believe, it would have felt weird not to. Joy was found in the simplest of things, and delight in others was easy. Laughter and giggles filled the room and mischievous grins were common.

children laughing

If someone were to ask us if we heard from God, we would have tried to explain, with limited vocabulary and undeveloped brains a being that was so much bigger, so much happier and so much greater than us. Simple faith. Simple words.

What happened?

What erased our ability to connect with God so easily? Who convinced us that he wasn’t real? Why have we spent years trying to return to innocence with little or no results?

Could it be that we have been lied to? Could it be that the harried pace of society and the bitterness of others have stolen what we long for most?


We say we want fun, but we truly long for is joy. Joy is present in pain, overcomes adversity and yields internal contentment. Children across the world deal with tragic situations with heroic results we when joy is present.

God is in the joy. God is in laughter and delight and innocence. God speaks in ways that lead to hope and freedom. We often hear of him as taskmaster and speak of our obligations, but Jesus takes us upon his knee and asks us to be like a child.

We want to hear the voice of God, and try to unlock intellectual keys to the mysteries of his voice, and allthewhile innocent children are delighting in him.

“Return our joy Lord. Help us to slow down, and delight in you. Meet us in the giggles, the snuggles with our children, the laughter in a park. Help us to quit seeking you in intellectual ways and learn to hear you in simple, loving, easy ways. Rather than demand you speak in ways we want to hear, help us to hear you in ways you are already speaking. We love you and want to live for you in ways that bring life to us and others. Free us from wrong ways of thinking and habits that bring us down.”

Teach us again, what it is to have joy.

How do you hear from God?

Derek Archer works with leaders who plant churches, and young leaders impacting the world. He is seeking God’s help as a disciple, husband and dad. You can find him on twitter, facebook, instagram or Woods Coffee in Bellingham, WA.

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