Death Wondered What Life Was Like

By Anthony Allen Beatty

life and death
walked through the garden
gallantly together
waiting for the other to speek

death wondered
what life was like
life knew who death was and always has
the only thing that life feared was time itself

life has always desired
that death would know
what love
truly was

death not knowing
of life’s desire for him
death lusted after her
so patiently

life’s destiny
would eventually fall
into the hands of death
yet for she did not know this

so she continued to feed
into his lies and deceit
not knowing
although life will fall as men once did

for death he did not know of his future

he had
no desires
no hope
nothing to cling on to

all he knew
was that he wanted
to have life
to himself

he lusted her that much
but he never knew what was to come
as he begged and pleaded
oh so deeply for just one kiss

because she truly loved him
she placed all her trust into his hands
as there lips touched
time stood still for just a second

death finally had tasted what love was like

as she swayed out of his reach
and into the air
death once more looked into her face
as she was forever gone

to this day
death still wanders the garden
in search for her
never to find

death shall
and always
will be


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