Learning to #lovelebanonpa

Walk with me (please). Our cheeks might go a little numb, I hope you brought a hat. It’s Wednesday morning, between 9 and 11, the time when my two darlings are in class. I thought we might do some exploring, both inwardly and outwardly, on this crisp autumn day.

I didn’t always love Lebanon, PA. It certainly wasn’t love at first sight, though I think I can remember some intrigue at the beauty underneath the brokenness upon our first encounter. I remember realizing it had a certain rhythm to its streets. As I have walked down various roads and alleyways, camera in hand, I have unearthed a fondness in my heart for this little town. I hope you see it, too.

fireescapeLebanon is full of these old brick and iron buildings. Sometimes they’re painted up to look like new… and sometimes they’re not. Sometimes you can see the mortar escaping through the brick, and shingles punched on top of each other like patchwork on a quilt.

There are plenty of tragically beautiful places…

junkremovalb&WBut more often than not, Lebanon’s beauty comes in unexpected places.
headplanterQuite frequently, people will ask me what I’m doing with my camera out. Lately I’ve been being brave and asking for their picture. Haven’t been turned down yet.
painterman2And sometimes I stumble upon these quiet moments. It feels like the town is holding her breath.
swingsA touch of irony here and there, like this patron saint of….. dead plants?
patronsaintAnd always, something growing right where it shouldn’t be.
weedsfenceThanks for walking with me (can you still feel your toes?). Gotta go pick up the girlies. See you next Wednesday!

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