Nocturne Playlist

If you’re like me, you cherish the medium of music because of its overwhelming power to be transporting. The feeling of being viscerally lifted by certain sounds that speak so personally to your individual is a holistic, rapturing experience unmatched by any other art form. What’s so lovely about it is the mystery of the allurement. When you hear a song that speaks to you, you have no rational reason why it is affecting you in such a way. There’s no pre-written datum for what songs you’ll be drawn to (or at least, not that you’re aware of). But it doesn’t matter. Your attention is paid for. You’re captivated.

I love music. I love discovering new music and bands to enjoy. I especially enjoy making playlists. So for this entry, I’ve made a 20-song playlist that fits the mood of nocturnal ambiance; music that can be driven to at night on a desolate passage (which is my favorite way to listen to tunes). I love when music perfectly fits the mood of your environment.

That said, I hope you find something new and pertinent throughout your listen to this list. I tried to make it eclectic and interesting. Not every tune is for everyone, but it never hurts to listen to something unusual.

The Playlist kicks off with “King Night” by Salem, which is flat-out one of the best songs I’ve heard in recent years. Salem may never produce anything close to this ever again, but the creation of witch-house doldrum containing toppling snare and a choir belting “O Holy Night” is a bold move that pays off big time.

From there, we get goth, melancholy favorites of mine (Crystal Castles & Trust), a personal favorite from one of the best bands of all time (Deftones), and mix it up with some Doo-wop, classical piano, folk and smooth jazz. Then, we gradually calm the mood down and end the list with some nice atmospheric-closers.

I’ve provided two forms of listening to this list below, Spotify and Grooveshark, in hopes that one or the other will work for everybody.


(If you don’t have Spotify, try this link instead to hear the playlist on Grooveshark. If neither option works, do let me know.)

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