Would You Like to be Healed?

MPorterEditor’s note: Today’s guest post is from Marisa Porter. She’s one of those writers who can express universal thoughts and feelings in an intimate way. A creative creature by nature, she sometimes uses fictional narrative to both entertain and challenge readers. For more of her musings on life, creativity, beauty, and relationships, check out her blog, http://www.marisaporter.com.

* * * * *

“Would you like to be healed?” asks Jesus.

Someone lost their temper at me today. I was at the grocery store and I didn’t see them and almost cut them off with my cart. They looked so angry.

“Would you like to be healed?” asks Jesus.

I’m such a failure. I start things I can’t finish. And it’s not that I’m not committed. I just don’t know which of these things I should be committed to. I really can’t decide. The thought paralyzes me. What if I choose the wrong one?

“Would you like to be healed?” asks Jesus.

I have all these social problems. People don’t understand me.

“Would you like to be healed?” asks Jesus.

I keep trying to lose weight and I can’t.

I’m trying to stop smoking.

I have a friend who’s in rehab and I don’t know how to help them. I can’t even help myself.

My best friends, who’ve been together for 10 years, they’re splitting up.

Again he asks, “Would you like to be healed?”

I can’t. I have these issues with other people. There are people I care about that are not making good choices, and I worry about them. And I don’t know how to relate to them.

“Would you like to be healed?” He asks.

I have such a horrible temper. I keep promising my family that I will never do it again, but it just overwhelms me and comes out before I even know what happened.

“But would you like to be healed?” He asks.

I can’t. And I can’t heal all these other people. Have you seen all their problems?

Still there is Jesus and his healing voice. “Would  you liked to be healed?”

I can’t, we answer again.

I have no one to put me into the healing waters. While I am coming, another one comes down before me.

But He knows we need to be healed.

Everybody’s waiting for a miracle to change the world.

But they don’t know who to ask.

This desire and need for healing manifests itself in different ways. Broken or unhappy marriages. Fighting over the meaning of marriage.  Struggles to get health, schedule and work under control. Minds so broken their real functionality is buried under layers of scars and pain. Watching the clock tick and not being anywhere nearer to our dreams and goals. Kids being so unmotivated in life that unhealthy addictions to drugs, alcohol or porn look attractive.Man







And so we try to heal society by politics or religion.

But there is Jesus, standing all the while, asking if we would like to be healed, and we mumble something about the worlds ills, and how it is impossible to be healed because of this or that situation.

But we’re looking in the wrong place. Society doesn’t need more politics or religion, or another viewpoints blog post. Or another snappy opinion. Or another secular or religious fad or new idea.

We take the wrong medicine ourselves, and then offer it to others. And what we are being offered is Jesus, and what we need is Jesus. And there is nothing different in my world then there was in that man’s world thousands of years ago by Bethesda’s pool, who said he couldn’t be healed, and Jesus healed him.

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