A Prayer

Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust.  Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.  Psalm 143:8


We all face moments of great doubt and concern.  During an excruciating moment recently sitting with a group of people pondering an unexpected turn in our life’s situation, I happened to look out the window in the predawn moments.  The following prayer followed, literally being written as I pondered the darkness we all felt and yet watching the Eastern sky lighten in growing brilliance as the moments passed.

This is a prayer about the battle. Nothing less and nothing more.

We face darkness of confusion, misunderstanding, betrayal, fear and so many other emotions.  And yet the sun is arising in the East and the silhouettes of trees are evident in relief against the skyline.  Blues and oranges are blending.  Light is overtaking darkness.  Hope is reborn and I am reminded that death has been conquered.

And now the oranges are pink and the blue is light and airy, no longer deep and blue.  A jubilance of color joyfully seeps across the sky.  The light inevitably winning, is illuminating particles and clouds, gases and oxygen, a multilayered canvas in 3D.  Your creativity displaying itself for soccer moms rushing to school and business-persons wedged in slow-moving early morning traffic.

Eventually this display will fade into the brilliance of day.  The beauty of colors will fade into the pure illuminating of conquered darkness.  But residing in our minds is the beauty of the battle, the seeping light entering even before the sun’s arrival and the darkness’s loss to your conquering light.  The battle seems beautiful; Your conquering more brilliant even than the final conquest itself.

Someday the East will be illuminated and the ancient mountain will split.  Life-giving, healing waters will flow and the nations will be healed.  And that day with its absence of sin is to be the source of great expectation.  And maybe a beauty greater than Your battle will eclipse these feeble imaginings. 

But for now, we praise You for mercy that is near everyday and for grace that has so much to offer.  For we are part of the night and we are being conquered.

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