This Means War [mark]

I have a bookshelf covering one entire wall in my apartment, it is ten feet wide and reaches to the ceiling. Week by week it fills with books and interspersed among those books are nicknacks and mementos. Each item has a story and one in particular comes to mind.

Right smack-dab in the middle of my bookshelf, holding up some of my favorite books, stands a knight. My dad got it for me at a garage sale for a dollar, but whenever I look at it, it reminds me of a story that I wrote in my book:

…one night as I was on the upswing of another one of these prayer battles, the Lord intervened. God gave me a vision. In a moment I saw this still image of myself running full speed across a field wearing only my pajamas. In my hand was a stick or a pole. I asked, “God, what is this?” He replied, “Just wait.”

The image began to zoom out and I could see great hoards of orc-like demonic armies all around me. It was more than a little disconcerting because there I was in my pajamas running full speed at this demonic army.

“God, what is this? I’m unarmed!” I cried.

Again I heard the words, “just wait.”

The image continued to zoom out and I began to see that the pole in my hands had a banner with the name of Christ on it.

This still image began to move; I watched as my bare feet splashed on the dewy grass of the field of battle. I watched in slow motion as I drove the end of the pole into the soft ground, claiming the battlefield in His name. At that moment there was a rush of hooves and bright clang of metal as a white horse rushed past me. Upon the horse was a shining knight who sped straight into the fray and drew his blazing sword.

Here He was, the knight who never loses fighting HIS own battle. It was not my job to fight the battle, not to slog away in the throes of muck and gore and all this clamoring. It was my job to claim the field for the Knight who never loses, whether that battlefield is across the world, in our nation’s capital, in my church or in my own heart. He was impressing upon me that it is not my fight, it is not my battle to win or lose, the battle belongs to the Lord.

The relieving truth is that this world is not your battle, this is not YOUR fight to be won or lost by YOUR hand; the battle belongs to the LORD! Spiritual warfare is about returning the battle to the hands of the One who always wins. He is the Knight who never loses, He is Christ, He is sovereign. He is impenetrable, invulnerable and unknowable and we live in the house of this great Knight, under His armor, are under the protection of His faith, righteousness, truth, salvation and the Gospel. The sword is the Word of God who became flesh and dwelt among us as Christ; it is He who fights, as we stand firm.

Exodus 14:14 says, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still.” It’s that simple attitude that I’m talking about here. When I look at that little knight on my shelf I remember Who fights my battles. When the enemy arrives, it is imperative that we pray in surrender to God only and then do what He says. In doing so, we can never lose.

One thought on “This Means War [mark]

  1. I shared this story the other night at prayer group as we were thinking about how the night should go. There is a time to fight, and a time to be at peace, and sometimes fighting means letting God war. I liked the imagery of responsibility in running out into the danger to put the banner in the ground, but ultimately lettering God does what he does best.

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