Conversations: A Musical Dialog [d.jay]

This week I don’t have too much to say.  I’ll let the music speak for itself.  I’m going to post several groups of songs that, together, form a sort of conversation.  I will post a song with a question, and then I will post a song that talks about that question in a different way.  The questions asked will most likely not be fully answered, but it will be fun to hear what different artists might sing to each other if they were conversing musically (which, I think can and does happen – whether intentional or not).  Enjoy.

Language Disclaimer – There is some swearing in the songs I posted.

2 thoughts on “Conversations: A Musical Dialog [d.jay]

  1. This was actually a pretty cool experience. I guess if you think about it, all art is an ongoing dialogue about the human experience, which encompasses the questions explored above (and many more).

    [In an unrelated note: did you watch the Ben Folds video all the way through? I kid you not, just past the 3-miinute mark, the drunk guy who Ben tells to be safe at the beginning actually falls from the balcony. He ends up being okay, and they’re such pros that they finish the song (as seamlessly as possible in such extreme circumstances), but it seriously scared the shit out of me.]

    • Jake, that Ben Folds video is so funny to me. I did know what happened when I posted it. I guess I chose it for the shock value. Their response (as musicians) is so funny. They just keep playing. Amazing.

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