Drenched [d.jay]

Would that the clouds and painted sky on the ceiling tiles were real

They’re real in that they exist…painted

But just

They don’t move, or change with the shifting earth

And we don’t need painted blue skies and stiff clouds

We need airy skies that moveimages-4

The moving clouds out the window are grey and pour rain

Not straight down, but at an angle so sharp it slams against the window on the

Seventh floor

Would that rain would fall straight, not just pounding from the side

But through the ceiling from the shifting clouds

And that a spring would burst from the floors below

Not hidden in a might happen, but driven up by reality’s thirst

Would that rain would fall from Heaven’s painted skies above

And rain up from sterile floors below

From ancient rivers known only by those who have dug

Two torrents meet where I stand

Would that a flood from heaven and earth would burst from up and down

With a reckless precision at precisely the same moment

And break down my door

And flow down the hall

And into forgotten cracks

And into secret rooms

And over broken hearts

And my daughter is a flood

And my son is a river

And my wife is a sea

I ride them

I drink them

I struggle on the waves

Swallow salt with the fresh

And look for You

My daughter is a torrential rain from Heaven

Favor is a spring bursting from the Rock

And I’m drenched from below and above

And my love is drenched

And we Celebrate Life and we hate death

Welcome to earth

Welcome to death

Welcome to life




You are welcome

You are so welcome

You are so incredibly welcome

You are invited


I love when people stand in the rainimages-5

Children play in the rain

It’s inconvenient to get wet in this way, to get drenched like this

The muddy shoes, the drenched jeans

It’s all so inconvenient

But inconvenience doesn’t stop a friend

And it hasn’t stopped mine

Many of whom are soaking wet

Wet from rain and spring

From daughter, son, and wife

From God

Thank You for life

It is indeed good

And I am pleased to be drenched

May the Seventh floor be drenched as well as my family and my friends are

And even more

3 thoughts on “Drenched [d.jay]

  1. Our self-imposed isolation and that isolation we cause through our culture is harmful. I hope with you for God to break into lives and others to break into each other’s lives, bringing life.

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