Events, Music, Film – Top Three of 2012

Top Three Events of 2012 from Jay

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings On Monday, December 17 — the first school day after twenty six- and seven-year-olds and six educators were massacred in the classrooms of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut — there was true fear in my heart as I kissed my kids goodbye and sent them into school. It is one thing to offer your own child in sacrifice (abortion), it is another to demand the sacrifice of someone else’s child (Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Westside Middle, Red Lake, Nickel Mines, Northern Illinois, Chardon…the list goes on) . Make no mistake about it…this is not about morality; this is spiritual war.
Google and Wikipedia Shut Down for 18-24 hours in a January protest against the US Senate’s Stop Online Piracy Act, thus securing a free, open web, away from the grubby, restrictive paws of giant media companies. Another blow to greed-induced censorship and a win for freedom of speech. May it ever be.
White Babies Are A Minority On May 17, 2012, the Census Bureau released data that over a twelve month period — ending in July 2011 — Asian, black, Hispanic and mixed race babies accounted for 50.4% of the babies born in that span. Whites still make up the majority of the American population (63%), but the times, they are a’changin. I’m telling you, people, racism is the foremost issue in our collective future.

* * * * *

Top Three Albums of 2012 from D.Jay

Charmer by Aimee Mann

Best (personal) Surprise Album of the Year

Halcyon by Ellie Goulding

Best Pop Album of the Year

Babel by Mumford & Sons

Best (same-thing-as-the-last-album-but) Still Good Album

* * * * *

Top Three Films of 2012 from Justin

Moonrise Kingdom[TRAILER]
Dry humor + love + the awkwardness of adolescence + the atrophy of adulthood + cinematography + cast of characters + narrative that is both grand and focused + life taken apart and re-orchestrated.
Sam: What happened to your hand?
Suzy: I got hit in the mirror.
Sam: Really? How did that happen?
Suzy: I lost my temper at myself.
Safety Not Guaranteed[TRAILER]
Quirky humor + regrets + time travel? + being an outsider + paralleling story-lines + killer soundtrack + true story origin points + cast chemistry + Washington State filming locations.
[after Kenneth steals some lasers]
Jeff:  F*ckin’ lasers?
Arnau: What kind of lasers?
Darius: I don’t know, I’m not a freakin’ storm trooper.
Arnau: Stormtroopers don’t know anything about lasers for time travel. They’re blue collar workers.
The Sea In Between[TRAILER]
Beauty for beauty’s sake + west coast islands + communal art + creating outside the system + process of metamorphosis + faith + neo-evangelism + family + calling.

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