Radio, Podcasts and Community

The internet is primarily a visual thing.  You pretty much need a screen or projection surface of some kind to engage it.  A mouse, trackpad, touchscreen, and/or keyboard is also a requirement.  There needs to be a site to engage and some method of navigating that site.  All of these things on some level or another are with the intent to engage or retain the activity of the eyes.

I’ve read lots of stuff on the internet, laughed at lots of pics, talked to lots of people, saw great art, but a thought struck me the other day as I was driving in my car while crying.  For me, the most moving and life-changing digital engagements I’ve ever had have been audial, not visual.  The audio of the internet has effected me most profoundly.  On that particular day, I was listening to a podcast telling me a story about a boy who was blind who learned how to “see” (even learned to ride a bike!) by developing his own sense of sonar.  Was very moving.   Continue reading