Reflections on Human Wholeness

It’s been about a year since we first made the discovery.  It was almost unavoidable.  Multiple nights a week I would lock myself in the bedroom.  No light. No sound. No movement.  No thoughts even remotely close to any of the things that were the source of so much pain. I was plagued by these debilitating migraines.  I knew the symptoms all too well, but had very little insight into the cause.  I guess I just thought, People get migraines, no big deal.  At some point it was a big deal.  Because it was consuming my life. sad That year was a tough one.  I was newly married, working an incredibly emotionally demanding job, and grieving the divorce of my parents.  I was pretty much in a constant state of meltdown, breakdown, or blow up.  Which left me beyond exhausted. So what did we discover?  Oh yeah.  Food Allergies: The cause of my migraines.  (Doesn’t sound as heinous as you were thinking, right?)  While I was trying to dodge these migraines with gallons of water and fistfuls of ibuprofen, my husband had a better idea.  A more orderly, systematic approach to things.  He took note of what we were eating and finally one day it smacked us in the face.  I was allergic something I ate almost every day. It still amazes me that what you put in your body can affect you so profoundly.  But I couldn’t help but wonder if it was all connected.  I never had a problem with these foods before.  It seemed really sudden and unexplainable.  In light of everything I was facing, I wondered how much stress could play a role in this.  How much could my mind and emotions really affect my body? Continue reading