The Limits of Faith: Gaza

Smoke rises above the skyline, parents search for their children. Rockets fly overhead and can be heard by all alongside prayers outside of mosques and synagogues. The situation in Gaza has come to a head.  For a Christian living in the United States, it is sometimes hard to relate to a Jewish/Islamic conflict half a world away, but most Christians do think the conflict is something they should relate their faith to in some way. Although there is not much Christianity in the conflict, there are very prevalent theological insights to be understood from it that can act as a warning against certain types of belief that are beginning to become more prevalent in our culture. There are great people, saints, working on both sides of the conflict there, but the fact that we need these saints so much brings a quotation to mind: 

“What if the church should be less concerned with creating saints than creating a world where we do not need saints? A world where people like Mother Teresa and MLK would have nothing to do.”

Peter Rollins, Insurrection: To Believe Is Human To Doubt, Divine

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